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TRUE BLOOD season 4... The true story....

The fourth season of the television series True Blood contains 12 episodes, bringing the series total to 48. The season premiered on June 26, 2011, with the storyline picking up twelve and a half months after the events of season three. It is loosely based on the fourth novel in The Southern Vampire Mysteries series, Dead to the World.
List of True Blood episodes
#TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
371"She's Not There"Michael LehmannAlexander WooJune 26, 2011 (2011-06-26)5.42 (6.44[f])[4]
Sookie is transported to the fairy world, where she is reunited with her grandfather, Earl. She quickly learns that the fairies have lied to her and that she, and possibly other humans, are in danger. Sookie manages to escape back to Bon Temps and discovers that she has been gone for a year; Jason, who has become a police officer, has sold her house to a mystery buyer. Sookie hires Portia Bellefleur, Andy's lawyer sister, to buy back her house from the buyer. Andy has become addicted to V. Meanwhile, Bill and Eric work the media to win back human public opinion after the Russell Edgington incident. Jessica learns that living with a human may not be such a good idea. Bill has deposed the Queen of Louisiana and become its King. Jesus takes Lafayette to a witch's coven meeting; the coven's powerful leader, Marnie, soon takes a keen interest in him. Arlene's baby displays disturbing traits. After town-hopping for a year, Tara has settled into a life in New Orleans as a cage-fighter named Toni, and is romantically involved with a fellow fighter, Naomi. Jason returns to Hotshot, of which he is now sole guardian since Crystal disappeared, but he is betrayed and locked in a freezer. Eric visits Sookie and reveals that he bought her house in order to own her; he declares that she is his.
382"You Smell Like Dinner"Scott WinantBrian BucknerJuly 3, 2011 (2011-07-03)2.90[5]
Eric tries to convince Sookie to become his. Sookie visits Bill for help in dealing with Eric, only to find out that Bill has become King of Louisiana. A flashback reveals that Bill first met Nan Flanagan of the AVL in the 1980s, on its orders infiltrated the Queendom of Louisiana and arranged for the execution of the previous monarch, Sophie-Anne Leclerq, by AVL snipers. Back in the present, Bill tells Sookie there is nothing he can do to stop Eric. Tara pays Sookie a visit, but Sookie soon leaves for Fangtasia to seek Pam's advice, angry that Eric has altered her house. Meanwhile, Tara joins Lafayette and Jesus as they attend another witches' meeting, where Marnie announces she plans to resurrect a human. Eric, on Bill's orders, tells Marnie to dissolve her witch coven. As she refuses and Eric attacks her, she is taken over by a strange entity and successfully curses Eric into losing his memory. In Fangtasia, Sookie encounters Jessica feeding on someone who isn't Hoyt. In Hotshot, Felton and Crystal Norris tell Jason of their intentions to turn him into a werepanther, so he can breed for their community. Sam's romantic interest in fellow shapeshifter Luna grows as she reveals she is able to shift into another human. Sam's brother Tommy speaks of mending their bond. On her way home from Fangtasia, Sookie comes across Eric walking down the street with no shirt, no shoes and no memory.
393"If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?"David PetrarcaAlan BallJuly 10, 2011 (2011-07-10)5.04[6]
Jason is being kept alive by Crystal as a potential werepanther breeder. Pam asks Sookie to hide Eric from the witches, and she reluctantly agrees. Sookie visits Alcide, now living in Shreveport with Debbie, and asks him to house Eric for her. Debbie tells Sookie she wants to make amends for trying to kill her. Andy, high on V, gets into an altercation with Sam outside Merlotte's. Portia Bellefleur has a sexual proposition for Bill. Jessica confesses to Hoyt that she has fed on another man and then glamors him into forgetting about it. Jessica gives Arlene's baby the creepy doll that keeps showing up in their apartment. Lafayette goes to Fangtasia to beg forgiveness from Eric; Tara and Jesus follow him and find Pam threatening him in the dungeon basement. Pam demands that they bring back Marnie, the witch leader, to Fangtasia within 24 hours. Marnie performs a ritual for the spirit to possess her body so that she may be an instrument of its power. Jason wakes to find Crystal raping him, while other female werepanthers are watching or waiting their turn. Tommy forges a scheme to defraud Maxine Fortenberry. Claudine shows up at Sookie's house and tells her to return to the fairy realm. Sookie refuses; Eric attacks Claudine and drinks her to death.
404"I'm Alive and On Fire"Michael LehmannNancy OliverJuly 17, 2011 (2011-07-17)5.10[7]
Eric becomes drunk on Claudine's fairy blood and runs away from Sookie: he is able to daywalk and takes a swim in a lake. Sookie enlists Alcide's help in finding Eric. Jason escapes from Hotshot, pursued by werepanthers. He kills Felton and runs away from Crystal, and eventually collapses next to a highway: he is discovered by Hoyt and Jessica, who gives Jason some of her blood to help heal his wounds. Nan Flanagan tells Bill that she does not believe the witches pose any real danger. Bill discovers that Portia Bellefleur is his descendant and ends their relationship. Meanwhile, Marnie is possessed by a witch named Antonia, whom she sees in a vision burned at the stake centuries ago. Lafayette, Jesus and Tara urge Marnie to reverse the spell she has put on Eric. When Pam gets fed up with Marnie's slow progress in reversing the spell, she threatens her; Marnie is once again taken over by the witch's spirit and curses Pam, causing the flesh on her face to begin to decay. Arlene and Terry are frightened when their baby appears to write "baby not yours" on a wall. Sookie refuses to let Bill into her home to search for Eric. Sam learns that Luna's ex, the father of her child, is a jealous werewolf. Tommy goes to see his mother, but his father prevents him from leaving so that he can be used for dog-fighting again.
415"Me and the Devil"Daniel MinahanMark HudisJuly 24, 2011 (2011-07-24)5.26[8]
Tommy fights Joe Lee and manages to kill him, but accidentally kills Melinda as well. Sam helps Tommy dispose of their bodies in a swamp. Eric dreams that his maker, Godric, forces him to drink Sookie's blood, but Eric vows not to hurt Sookie. Bill glamors Portia into making her afraid of him, in order to put an end to her romantic advances. Naomi discovers Tara's real name and confronts her over the phone. Tara discovers that Eric is staying with Sookie and reels off a list of Eric's crimes against Sookie before running away. Eric leaves, guilt-ridden, but Sookie calls him back and the two kiss. Before the full moon, Jason has erotic dreams about Jessica, in which Hoyt also appears. Arlene and Terry have Reverend Daniels cleanse their house of ghosts, but paranormal activity still lingers. Alcide is visited by Marcus Bozeman, the head of the local pack, who scolds him for not having registered with them. Lafayette and Jesus visit Jesus' witchcraft-practicing grandfather to combat the threat posed by Pam and Eric. Sookie's dead grandmother's spirit warns her that Marnie is dangerous. Marnie is later arrested by Bill, who glamours her to find out if her powers are genuine. Bill meets with the four sheriffs of Louisiana and they discuss the persecution of witches by vampires in Spain in the 1600s. Pam accidentally tells them that Eric has lost his memory, and that he is staying with Sookie.
426"I Wish I Was the Moon"Jeremy PodeswaRaelle TuckerJuly 31, 2011 (2011-07-31)5.19[9]
Bill has Eric arrested and, using the excuse that necromancers may use him as a weapon against vampires, gets the Vampire League's OK to sentence him to the "true death"; he later decides to release him when Eric appeals to Bill's love for Sookie. Arlene and Terry's house catches on fire while they are sleeping: Arlene panics when she can't find Mikey, but he and the mysterious doll are already outside the house. He is able to see Mavis, an enigmatic woman waving at him from a distance. Jason fears that he may turn into a werepanther on the night of the full moon, but Sookie finds out from Alcide that you can only be a 'were' if you are born of two weres. Debbie registers with the local pack without telling Alcide. In Mexico, Jesus' grandfather tells Jesus and Lafayette that they must find him a sacrifice. They find a rattlesnake, and Jesus' grandfather makes the snake bite Jesus, but Lafayette is able to heal him when the spirit of "Tio Luca" enters his body. While imprisoned, Marnie is once again possessed by the spirit of the powerful witch Antonia, and turns on her vampire captor, the same vampire who had raped and fed on Antonia many centuries ago. Tara's girlfriend, Naomi, shows up in Bon Temps and they rekindle their relationship. Pam's face continues to rot; she later shows up at Merlotte's and attacks Tara and Naomi in a fit of rage. Tommy shapeshifts (because he killed a close relative) into Sam, fires Sookie, and has sex with Luna. The real Sam later finds Tommy passed out in Sam's trailer. Sookie, while out in the woods looking for Jason, runs into Eric, and they make love outside by the light of the full moon.
437"Cold Grey Light of Dawn"Michael RuscioAlexander WooAugust 7, 2011 (2011-08-07)5.14[10]
Antonia escapes from prison by gaining control of Luis: he attacks Bill, who stakes Luis after he informs him that Antonia is back. In an attempt to save vampires from Antonia's magic, Bill orders most vampires to leave Louisiana, and orders the ones left to chain themselves with silver during the day. Alcide and Debbie join Marcus' pack; worrying about Sookie, Alcide and Debbie search for her and find her having sex with Eric in the woods. Pam is about to kill Tara and Naomi when she is photographed by bystanders and abruptly leaves. Dr. Ludwig performs various medical procedures on Pam and tells her she will need shots for the rest of her life to stop her flesh rotting. After sending Naomi back to New Orleans, Tara meets Antonia, who persuades her to join her circle and wage war on vampires. Tara recruits more people for Antonia's circle, including Holly. Don Bartolo, Jesus' grandfather, reveals that he performed the snake ritual to demonstrate Lafayette's abilities as a medium who can communicate with the dead. Tio Luca, the spirit that entered Lafayette, was Jesus' uncle. Sam and Luna realize that Tommy shapeshifted into Sam and slept with Luna; Sam kicks Tommy out. Andy Bellefleur walks out on his date with Holly, craving his fix of V. Back in Merlotte's kitchen, Lafayette sees Mavis, the same enigmatic woman that Mikey saw after the house fire, singing a French lullaby. Antonia casts her 400-year-old spell on the vampires; while most vampires in Bon Temps are saved by their silver chains, Jessica manages to free herself. Fearing for Jessica, Jason runs to Bill's but is attacked by a guard. Jessica opens the front door of Bill's mansion, letting in the sunlight.
448"Spellbound"Daniel MinahanAlan BallAugust 14, 2011 (2011-08-14)5.30[11]
Jessica meets the sun, only to be rescued by Jason. Believing he can settle the feud with the witches and get rid of the spells, Bill calls Marnie/Antonia with a proposition. In an effort to heal Eric, Sookie lets him feed off of her. In return he lets her drink some of his blood. They have sex many times over in a V-induced hallucination. Sookie and Eric are determined to help the King battle the witches. Lafayette is possessed by the spirit of Mavis who has been singing to Mikey. We learn that, in life, her married lover killed their child. Lafayette, possessed by Mavis' spirit, kidnaps Mikey and takes the doll. Marcus is revealed as the father of Luna's daughter; he threatens Sam when he finds him at Luna's house. Jessica breaks up with Hoyt, who angrily rescinds her invitation to the house. She goes to Jason, who also rejects her and banishes her from his house. Tommy, skinwalking as Maxine Fortenberry, meets with a businessman to steal her land's natural gas rights. Bill and Marnie and their supporters meet at the Bon Temps graveyard at midnight. Bill proposes that Marnie reverse the spells cast on Eric and Pam and leave the vampires alone and, in return, the vampires won't harm her again. The standoff turns violent when Sookie senses that Marnie is casting a spell, and Eric kills a member of Marnie's coven. Marnie envelops the area in heavy fog and the battle begins in earnest. Sookie is injured, but Alcide rescues her. Debbie is watching them, having followed Alcide at a distance in wolf form. Eric runs into Marnie, who appears to cast another spell on him.
459"Let's Get Out of Here"Romeo TironeBrian BucknerAugust 21, 2011 (2011-08-21)5.53[12]
Alcide takes Sookie to her house, where Bill gives her his blood. Unconscious, she dreams about having both Eric and Bill in her life. Marnie has cast a spell on Eric which puts him under her control. Lafayette, still possessed by Mavis's spirit, takes Mikey to Hoyt's house (Mavis's house when she was alive) and kicks him out. Jason and Andy go to Hoyt's to rescue Mikey, and Lafayette threatens to shoot them with Andy's stolen gun. Jesus arrives and is able to convince Mavis that Mikey is not hers and that her baby is dead. They find the bodies of both Mavis and her baby buried in Hoyt's yard. Mavis's spirit leaves Lafayette's body. Debbie offers to help Sookie get Eric back. Sam and Luna and her daughter go camping; when Luna's daughter is asleep, Sam and Luna make love. Alcide tells Marcus that he wishes to rise in the pack hierarchy to please Debbie. Marcus goes to Merlotte's and tells Tommy that he wishes to meet Sam at night. Tommy, skinwalking as Sam, goes to meet Marcus. Tommy (as Sam) tells Marcus that he did not touch Luna, but that his brother did. Marcus has some wolves beat up Tommy, but Alcide puts an end to the fighting and takes the unconscious Tommy, now back in his true form, home. Jason goes to Bill's mansion and gives Jessica a box of her belongings from Hoyt; he and Jessica have sex in the back of his truck. Debbie goes to Marnie's hideout and distracts her while Sookie finds Eric and discovers Marnie's plans to use Eric to kill Bill. Sookie and Debbie escape and go to find Bill at the Festival of Tolerance in Shreveport, where Marnie/Antonia uses Eric and some other bewitched vampires to attack Bill, kill humans, and create chaos in an effort to discredit the vampires.
4610"Burning Down the House"Lesli Linka GlatterNancy OliverAugust 28, 2011 (2011-08-28)5.31[13]
The violence at the Festival of Tolerance comes to an end when Sookie breaks the spell cast on Eric and restores his memory by using her special powers. Jason wants Jessica to glamor him into forgetting they had sex so he won't accidentally hurt Hoyt. Tommy dies from his injuries, and Sam goes after Marcus and his friends for vengeance. Bill tells Nan Flanagan that he intends to kill Marnie at the Moon Goddess Emporium, and Sookie worries that Tara will die in the fighting. Terry discovers Andy is on V and tries to help him overcome his addiction by appealing to their lifelong relationship. Marcus and Debbie begin to get closer. Marnie and Antonia have a conversation about their goals, and Marnie convinces Antonia to continue to possess her so they can work together to kill vampires. Jesus wants to save Marnie. Jesus, Lafayette, Jason and Sookie stand across the street from Marnie's lair, where Sookie is able to eavesdrop on Marnie. Marnie has cast a spell of protection around her headquarters, but Jesus is able to penetrate the boundary of fire, turning into a demon to do so. Once inside, Jesus realizes that Marnie herself is the true danger and transmits his thoughts to Sookie. Holly and Tara work to cast a spell so they can escape from Marnie. They do so, but Marnie spots them and casts a spell on them, causing Holly, Tara, Lafayette and Sookie to go up in flames and disappear, leaving Jason alone outside. Bill, Eric, Jessica and Pam march on the Moon Goddess Emporium, aiming to destroy Marnie.
4711"Soul of Fire"Michael LehmannMark HudisSeptember 4, 2011 (2011-09-04)4.39[14]
Trapped inside the Moon Goddess Emporium, Sookie and her friends are held captive by Marnie; Marnie kills Casey, maintaining she was attacking her. Antonia attempts to leave Marnie's body, but Marnie binds her to her with a spell. Bill and the other vampires abort their attack on the Moon Goddess Emporium when they discover Sookie is inside. Marnie strikes a deal with the vampires to free Sookie: their lives for hers. Bill and Eric are on the point of killing each other for Sookie's release when Pam fires a rocket at Marnie which is blocked by the barrier. Jason is severely injured, but Jessica gives him her blood again to heal him. As Marnie and her coven begin casting a spell to prevent their deaths, it controls the vampires outside: they begin walking into the barrier, which would bring the True Death, but the spell is broken by Sookie discharging her special powers. Jesus and Lafayette harness the energy in Casey's dead body to give Jesus enough power to cast a spell which successfully breaks the bond between Marnie and Antonia. Bill and Eric rush inside the Emporium and kill Roy and Marnie. Meanwhile, Sam and Alcide track down Marcus and Emma at Alcide's home, where Marcus is attempting to seduce Debbie. In the fighting that follows, Alcide kills Marcus. Alcide ends his relationship with Debbie. Andy has a romantic interlude with a fairy named Maurella on his way home. As Lafayette begins to fall asleep that night, Marnie's spirit possesses his body.
4812"And When I Die"Scott WinantRaelle TuckerSeptember 11, 2011 (2011-09-11)
As Bon Temps celebrates Halloween, Marnie's spirit possesses Lafayette's body and kills Jesus to take control of his magic powers. Sookie and Sam make up and Sookie gets her job back. Alcide asks Sookie to be with him and have a normal life together. Sookie, Tara and Holly find Bill and Eric being held captive by Marnie. After Antonia and other spirits, including Adele Stackhouse, rise from the dead and convince Marnie to let go, they lead Marnie to the afterlife. Adele tells Sookie that being alone isn't a bad thing. Terry receives an unexpected visit from an old friend, a marine. Rene's spirit appears to Arlene to warn her that the ghosts of Terry's past will not stay buried forever. Pam admits that she is jealous of Sookie. Luna and Sam have a funeral for Tommy where Maxine is the only mourner. Holly and Andy begin to get closer. Sookie tells Eric and Bill that she loves them both but cannot choose between them, so chooses to be alone. Jason tells Hoyt that he slept with Jessica, after which Hoyt beats him up. Jessica tells Jason that she doesn't want a relationship. Steve Newlin appears at Jason's door as a vampire. Sam finds himself surrounded by a pack of snarling werewolves. Alcide discovers that someone has dug Russell Edgington out of his cement grave in a parking garage. Nan Flanagan tells Eric and Bill that she has been fired and wants to start a mutiny against the Authority. She also tells them she knows that Sookie is a fairy. Bill deals her the True Death and Eric kills her guards. Debbie breaks into Sookie's house and shoots Tara dead. Sookie grabs the gun and kills Debbie. Sookie cradles Tara's body, screaming for help.
Continuation in season 5....(SPOILERS)

Rutina Wesley of TRUE BLOOD known as "TARA"

True Blood fans are still reeling from last epic and bloody season finale. SPOILER ALERT! We saw the returns of Grands (Lois Smith) and Rene (Michael Raymond-James), as well as possibly the resurrection of Russell (Denis O’Hare). But the most disturbing twists were Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) stabbing Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), and Tara (Rutina Wesley) getting shot in the head by Debbie Pelt (Britt Morgan).
Wesley was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wesley's father, Ivery Wheeler, is a professional tap dancer and her mother, Cassandra Wesley, was a showgirl. She attended high school at the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts. She studied dance at Simba Studios and the West Las Vegas Arts Center.
While at the Las Vegas Academy, Wesley missed several other auditions for college training programs and was finally accepted by the University of Evansville in Indiana. She was hesitant in joining the university because of a lack of minorities in the state. After earning her undergraduate degree in Theatre Performance, her grandmother suggested that she do a nursing course, but Wesley insisted on pursuing her education. She joined the Juilliard School in 2001 and graduated in May 2005, which included a summer spent at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. At Juilliard, she and her later co-star Nelsan Ellis became close friends
In December 2006, Wesley was featured in David Hare's Broadway play The Vertical Hour.[2] In 2007, Wesley also appeared in The Public Theatre production of In Darfur by playwright Winter Miller, co-starring Heather Raffo, Aaron Lohr among others.
  Wesley had a minor role in 2005 film Hitch, which was edited in the final cut. However, she made her on screen debut in the lead role in 2007 film How She Move, from British director Ian Iqbal Rashid. The character Raya Green, who enters a step dancing competition to secure funds for her education, was inspired by Tony Manero, portrayed by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Prior to the shooting of the film, Wesley underwent a five-week dance rehearsal period. Portraying a woman of Jamaican descent, she also took dialect coaching for the role. Wesley auditioned for the role Tara Thornton in the HBO series True Blood in 2007 and secured the part after creator Alan Ball chose her because "[she] was the first person who showed [Tara's] vulnerable side".
In June 2011, it was reported that Wesley will star in the biopic Left To Tell based on Immaculée Ilibagiza's bestselling memoir about the Rwandan Genocide.
Wesley divides her time between Los Angeles and Astoria, Queens. She is married to Jacob Fishel an actor
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards
    • 2010, Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series (True Blood)-nominated

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